I always wonder if I should do something special with my boys regarding their father. We do speak of him often, but I wonder if they need something tangible for certain days. I know they miss him, especially his oldest.

What do you do for Father’s Day when their father is gone?

I have a few ideas:

  1. Write him a postcard or letter.
    They are old enough to know that we can’t literally mail anything to their father. But perhaps writing their feelings and thoughts down will help. Plus, I think I can get them mailed to his grave site.
  2. Go through old photos and memories.
    Maybe I should write these down, get them on paper so when they are older, they can remember these as well.
  3. Buy them presents.
    I have thought about getting a few photos of their father printed on a canvas or something similar.
  4. Nothing.
    I also wonder if this necessary. Perhaps I should just wait for their cues and react after the fact. I’m always wondering if I should bring the subject up or wait for them to start talking about him. Which is better? I never want them to forget their father. Nor do I want them to feel like the subject is taboo. However, if they don’t feel like discussing him, I don’t want them to feel like it’s mandatory, either.

Either way, I have a little time. I think that number 3 is my favorite approach. Out of everything that we do, they love photos of him the best. I wish I would have taken and saved more.

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